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CFO or CIO: Who owns software implementations?

The need for collaboration between the CFO and the CIO is becoming increasingly necessary. Here's what you need to know about the pressures on both, and how they can better work together.


SkillSurvey aims for candid feedback on job applicants

Angie's List automated and improved the process of reference checking with SkillSurvey, and used the software to obtain anonymous evaluations of people seeking work.

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Predictive analytics shapes healthcare choices

Castlight Health's predictive analytics sheds light on segments of an employee population prone to certain ailments and privately suggests cost-effective healthcare options.


Concerns over employee privacy follow HR analytics

Companies can be well-intentioned when they collect data on employees, but they also face the prospect of overstepping their bounds when it comes to privacy.

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    core HR (core human resources)

    Core HR is basic information and processes about the employees in an organization. It includes payroll, benefits administration and enrollment, organizational structures, time and labor and employee self-service. Software for automating core HR is ...

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    Determining the best HR management tools requires soul-searching, wisdom

    When searching for human resources, or HR, management tools that fit your company’s needs, several dynamics come into play that can test your knowledge of the software, vendors and your company. And it’s not just about employee recruitment and ...

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    Cornerstone OnDemand

    Cornerstone OnDemand is a vendor of cloud-based learning and talent management software. Cornerstone OnDemand provides management of recruiting, onboarding, performance and goals, learning, social collaboration, analytics, compensation and ...

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