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We cover everything you need to know about workforce management, procurement, payroll, corporate performance management (CPM), talent management and recruiting, and benefits administration.

Our editors are dedicated to serving the information needs of business and IT leaders using technology to manage finance and human resources (HR) functions.

Gain advice from leading industry experts such as communications analyst Hyoun Park of DataHive Consulting and software expert Barry Wilderman, that will help you develop, design, and implement your strategy to streamline HR processes and improve financial analytics.

When you turn to us, you’ll find original daily news, expert tips, discussion forums, and customized research that is crucial for staying on top of industry changes and improving department functionality. In fact, want to meet our editors?

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  • Find tips on how to integrate HR and finance departments in order to unite data sources and manage cross-departmental functions
  • Gain an understanding of the various pros and cons of new technologies, products and projects you’re considering
  • Discover expert white papers and Webcasts to guide you in your effort to gain knowledge and make an informed decision
  • Learn how to use talent management and recruiting software to find the best candidates for your  workforce
  • Share tips, ask questions and network with other engaged, active business and IT professionals in our ITKnowledge Exchange

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