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Published: 12 Jun 2013

Gamification doesn't mean turning work into a game -- a common misconception. Gamification applies elements of competitive play to work, with the aim of building motivation into projects and interactions and increasing the amount and timeliness of performance feedback. Most products create competitive environments where employees achieve goals and earn rewards. Others are designed for ramping up customer loyalty and encouraging participation in training programs. Gamification platforms include Bunchball, Badgeville and IActionable. For more on gamification platforms So, what are gamification platforms? brings gamification platforms to the office Gamification platforms shed light on SaaS 'dirty secret' The buzz: Combining fun and work can't fail, right? Many business leaders see gamification software as a silver bullet that will grow employee engagement and productivity, especially among younger workers. Industry watchers say making goals concrete and providing constant feedback could help employees reach them faster. The reality: According to ... Access >>>

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