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Financial Accounting Software

Get information about financial accounting software and learn how these accounting software applications enable companies to manage financial accounting processes more efficiently and accurately. Find best practices for using an accounting system and discover how to evaluate, select and implement technology for financial accounting. More about Financial Accounting Software


Get the most out of procurement management software and learn more about using technology to improve processes such as strategic sourcing and e-procurement. Find out more about using procurement software along with supply chain management and inventory management processes to streamline critical financial and operations processes. Learn best practices for improving procurement and sourcing processes and read expert advice on selecting the right software for your organization. More about Procurement

Financial Reporting and Analysis

Find articles and resources on financial reporting software and how to best leverage technology for challenging processes such as international financial reporting, GAAP financial reporting, financial analysis and complying with financial standards. Discover how international financial reporting standards (IFRS) affect reporting and analysis. See what technology options are available for various types of financial data analysis. Read more on how to use financial reporting software for more accurate, timely results. More about Financial Reporting and Analysis

Planning and Strategy

Get tips and expert advice about using financial planning software for corporate financial planning and analysis. Learn tips for how to best use software to improve financial management processes such as forecasting, planning and budgeting. Get expert advice to help you compare corporate financial planning software functionality to determine which system is best for your organization. More about Planning and Strategy

HR Technology

With a variety of human resources (HR) technology options available, it can be difficult to select the best HR software for your organization. Compare human resource management software options, and learn more about key functions such as HR self-service. Get tips and best practices on using human resources management software from the experts. Read case studies from other organizations that have implemented HR technologies -- and get firsthand advice on best practices for selecting, implementing and using HR software successfully. More about HR Technology

Payroll and Benefits

Get unbiased information about selecting payroll systems and benefits administration technology with news, articles, resources and guides. Find out more about how payroll systems work, and learn how to evaluate and select the right technology for your organization. Get expert advice on navigating the benefits administration technology options, and learn more about how to evaluate, implement and roll-out a new benefits adminsitration system. Read case studies on how other companies have introduced new payroll systems and benefits administration software, and hear firsthand advice for your project. More about Payroll and Benefits